RUBYnanomed featured in INAM’s Podcast

April 8, 2021

The INL spin-off RUBYnanomed, a startup founded in 2018 and focused on non-invasive monitoring of cancer progression through liquid biopsy, was recently highlighted in the “Start Up The Science” Podcast of INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials.

In this episode, Lorena Diéguez, CEO of RUBYnanomed and INL researcher had the chance to explain how the RUBYchip aims to revolutionize the way cancer is detected at an earlier stage and provide medical doctors with tools to stop metastasis before they happen.

RUBYnanomed has developed the RUBYchip™, a microfluidic device for fast isolation of circulating tumour cells (CTCs), the cells responsible for metastasis, from unprocessed whole blood samples. Through the analysis of these cells, RUBYnanomed offers a non-invasive and real-time snapshot of cancer progression to oncologists.

You may listen to the full interview by clicking here.