Scale Travels: analysis of a fleeting paradise ‘Análise de um Paraíso Fugaz’ , by mariana vilanova + marcelo reis

February 21, 2023

Under the Scale Travels Residencies, and developed in the context of an artistic residency at the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory with Nanofabrication for Optoelectronic Applications – NOA research group the installation ‘Análise de um Paraíso Fugaz‘ ( ‘Analysis of a Fleeting Paradise’) Lago by Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis is born.

This unique installation explores how we increasingly believe in salvation through technology, just as we believe in salvation through faith in God. Technological evolution is seen as a superior entity, over which we have no control. We create the illusion that the solutions presented to us are definitive, which devalues scientific evolution, composed of several quick answers that are the basis of future thinking.

Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis have collaborated regularly since 2018. Mariana Vilanova is an artist based in Porto who has exhibited regularly since 2016. Over the years, she has presented works that explore themes such as the impact of technology on humans and the planet. In 2021, he completed his Master in Multimedia with the work Evoking a Simulated Past, presented at gnration.

Marcelo Reis is a visual artist and music producer, under the name Wushta, and he explores the transmission, translation and adulteration of signal/messages between different media. He presented the work To be devoid of meaning is not identical to being lifeless (2019) and participated in the magazine Dose #5 with Binary Rhythm (2020), which was followed by Death upon my thought (2021) presented in the release of Dose #6.

Scale Travels is a collaborative programme about art and nanotechnology.

+ From 11 February to 6 May
+ Free entrance
+ INL Gallery at