Science Communication Meeting at INL

October 10, 2022

On October 7th, happened the first “Science Communication Meeting Antena Minho – INL”, under the radio program “Comunicar Ciência” of Antena Minho radio station.

With this empowering meeting it was intended to create a platform where science can be communicated to all types of audiences, an exciting challenge that, with the collaboration of several scientists and science communicators, has been truly successful.

This is an initiative in partnership with the “Master in Science Communication at the University of Minho” and the “European Researchers’ Night 2022” and had the following speakers and science communicators from Minho region: Elsa Costa e Silva; director of the Master in Science Communication at the University of Minho; Sara Gabriel Pereira; medical, specializing in lifestyle medicine; Andrea Pinho; PhD student at the University of Minho investigating the immune response associated with spinal cord trauma and responsible for the page @sciencewave; Ernesto Galvão; physicist researcher at INL in the field of quantum computing; and Catarina Loureiro; geologist and science communicator; responsible for the project “Stories with Science”;

This was an open and free event aimed at the general public, science lovers and the curious and was attended by almost 200 participants.