Science has no borders

June 17, 2020


Scientific research has for long been regarded as the engine within the world’s development and progress. Such a movement would be impossible without the confrontation of diverse opinions or points of view. No one can be left out of the debate. 

That is why diversity and inclusiveness are core values of the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory even before it was created as the result of another two cornerstone values: friendship and collaboration.

The global society is now being confronted – once again – with a discussion about inequality, whether it is racial, social, economic, political, or simply human.

Today, INL makes this statement public and renews its commitment to a diverse and inclusive science based on equality, mutual understanding, open communication, and interdisciplinarity.

The best way to achieve it is by having people serving society through science that cuts across all kinds of borders being political, race, gender, cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds as we have at INL, a house of science made of more than 400 individuals from 40 nationalities.