SINFONIA, boosting RTD activities in nanosafety

December 21, 2022

Nanomaterials and nanotechnology offer significant possibilities for improving the quality of life, addressing key societal challenges, and contributing to economic growth. However, to ensure the safe development and application of nanomaterials, reliable approaches are urgently needed to evaluate and predict the potential risks posed by these materials and technologies to health, food, and the environment.

The European-funded project SiNfONiA aims to boost research and technological development activities in the area of nanosafety and bring to market technology that is safe and trusted by the end-users and consumers is a fundamental necessity and the foundation for all current and future deployment and acceptance of nanotechnology.

At INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, researchers are working towards understanding the potential risks of using nanotechnology and are paving the way for a more sustainable nanotechnology industry. SiNfONiA project stimulates interdisciplinary research on the improvement and validation of practical methodologies for nanomaterial characterisation, as well as on the development of novel methods for evaluating the safety of nanomaterials.

By addressing these knowledge gaps, INL researchers are contributing to ensuring that nanotechnology innovation does not decelerate. By investigating the associated risks of nanomaterials, SiNfONiA is advancing the safe, sustainable and responsible use of nanotechnology.