The Arraiolos Group visited INL

September 30, 2014

INL received the visit of the Arraiolos Group that comprises the heads of state from nine countries of the European Union.

During the visit, the heads of state of Germany, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Portugal, and also Bulgaria and Estonia, as special guests, attended a presentation of the INL project by the director general of INL, Lars Montelius. The brief visit also included a tour through the research facility to get to know several laboratories in more detail.

The Presidents from Germany, Finland, Poland and the Spanish Ambassador had the opportunity to greet personaly researchers from their country.

The Arraiolos Group gathered in Braga for their 10th meeting to debate energy issues, immigration and the role of research and innovation in promoting growth, competitiveness and job creation.

The Group includes non-executive Presidents of European Union member states and its aim is to provide an open and informal discussion between the heads of state of these countries, notably on European issues.