Towards INL Academy: Joint Workshop with IBM

February 1, 2018


INL would like to express a big thank you to everyone that so enthusiastically contributed to the joint workshop themed Towards The INL Academy. It was a real pleasure to have all your support and great inputs on the ideation of strategies for this interdisciplinary and transversal education and training program.

We would also like to say how much we appreciated the presence of Margarida Casal (University of Minho), Diem Ho (IBM), João Claro (INESC TEC/ U.Porto / PBS) and Lars Montelius (DG INL). The workshop wouldn’t have been the same without your shared knowledge and expertise.

Now, we are looking forward to giving shape to this pool of opportunities for INL, INL member states, academia, industry, research& technology organisations, and many, many more!

For this end, we invite all interested parties to further contribute by sharing your knowledge and ideas through here.


About the INL Academy

The goal of the INL Academy is to integrate knowledge and skills from the nanotechnology and business disciplines within a robust theoretical and practical framework so to prepare the next generation of both: scientists and engineers, as well as managers and entrepreneurs, that will jointly drive innovation in this prospering and vast advancing domain. The INL Academy will be implemented by drawing on the state-of-the-art in education design and organization, taking full advantage of today’s available Information and Communication Technologies and contemporary supporting pedagogies. The approach should be truly interdisciplinary and transversal and include the application of theory in practice in combination with original research. To reach those objectives will require to also establish a robust and supportive network bringing together the different stakeholders from academia, research organizations, and the industry.

For further questions and queries, please contact Andreas Meissner ( Department of Business & Strategic Relations.