INL celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11, 2021


Today, February 11th we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science implemented by UNESCO. Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful societies, with full human potential and sustainable development. 

For centuries, women have made important contributions and great impact to the scientific world, but in many cases, it took far too long for their discoveries to be recognized — if they were acknowledged at all. And too often, books and academic courses that explore the history of science neglect the remarkable, groundbreaking women who changed the world. In fact, it’s a rare person, child or adult, who can name more than two or three female scientists from history — and, even in those instances, the same few names are usually mentioned time and again.

There is still a long way to go to achieve full equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. We hope that in the next few years this issue will stop being an issue and that men and women will be equal and that this day is celebrated as the International Day of all Researchers.

And today we want to recognize all women working at INL.

Adriana, Agnes, Agnieszka, Aida, Almara, Alejandra, Alexandra Maria, Alexandra, Ana Carlos, Ana Carolina, Ana Catarina, Ana Cláudia, Ana Filipa, Ana Francisca, Ana Frangolho, Ana Gabriela, Ana Henrique, Ana Isabel, Ana Gómez, Ana Pena, Ana Mafalda, Ana Maria, Ana Vieira, Ana Patrícia, Ana Paula, Ana Pérez, Ana Raquel, Ana Raquel Ferreira, Ana Rita, Ana Rita Pedro, Ana Rosa, Ana Sofia, Andrea, Ânia, Anna Elisabeth, Arlete, Beatriz, Begonã, Bruna, Bruna Silva, Carla, Carolina, Catarina, Catarina Gonçalves, Catarina Nogueira, Catarina Raquel, Catarina Vieira, Cátia, Cláudia, Cláudia Manuela, Cláudia Manuela Antunes, Cristina, Débora, Débora Lemos, Diana, Elisabete, Elisabete Pereira, Elisabete Ramos, Elisete, Elvira, Ensieh, Fátima, Filipa, Filipa Cavaco, Filipa Matos, Foteini, Francisca, Gina, Hafsae, Ima, Inês, Inês Sofia, Iria, Isabel, Isabel Rodriguez, Isilda, Ivone, Jana, Jenni, Jennifer, Jéssica, Joana, Joana Isabel, Juliana, Krystal, Laura, Laura Lorenzo, Liliana, Liliana Raquel, Lina, Lisandra, Liu, Lorena, Luana, Luísa, Mafalda, Mahnoor, Margaret, Mª Adelaide, Mª Alexandra, Maria Relvas, Mª Daniela, Mª de Fátima, Mª de Fátima Cerqueira, Mª José, Mª Madalena, Mª Teresa, Mariam, Mariana, Mariana Baptista, Mariana Carvalho, Marília, Marina, Marina Brito, Marina Alves, Marisol, Marta, Marta Vieira, Micaela, Michela, Milene, Mónica, Monica Quarato, Monike, Monisha, Nadia, Natalia, Nicoleta, Nuria, Nuria Bouza, Patrícia, Patrícia C., Patrícia D., Patrícia Carvalho, Patrícia Rodrigues, Patrícia Oliveira, Paula, Paulina, Rabiaa, Raquel, Raquel Q., Raquel G., Raquel R., Renata, Rita, Rong Sun, Rosana, Rosana D., Saioa, Sandra, Sandra M., Sanna, Sara, Sara F., Sara M., Sarah, Sónia, Sonia P., Soraia, Susana, Vânia, Vera, Vitória e Viviana. 

These names represent our feminine workforce at INL. Thank you all for being who you are, for always taking the plunge into new scientific adventures, for standing side-by-side with/by your team, for inspiring future generations and for honouring the legacy of great women that changed the scientific world.

This is an empowering team. Please, never stop dreaming. Happy #WomeninScience day!