Call for projects Enhance Microalgae

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The EnhanceMicroAlgae is a Project funded by Interreg Atlantic Area Programme. It aims to contribute to the competitiveness of microalgae-based industry in the Atlantic Area through the transfer of technological and economic expertise to the commercial sector. This project will facilitate information transfer between a panel of experts and companies specialising in different areas like; nutritional, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, thus, encouraging business cooperation among the different countries.

This consortium offers a wide range of skills and interests, with strong track records for science, production and exploitation of microalgae throughout the Atlantic Area. We will:
– Undertake a comprehensive analysis of skills, skill gaps and opportunities in the microalgae sector
– Develop case studies, supported by Decision Support Tools, to increase economic performance and competitiveness with the transfer of know-how from academic and technological centres to SMEs
– Analyze critical factors of operation from an environmental point of view
– Incorporate nanotechnology/new technologies (emerging and/or transferred from other sectors) to microalgae sector
– Encourage the creation of spin-offs and self-employment.

Looking for a partner to help you kick your project in the microalgae industry? EnhanceMicroAlgae is the project you’ve been waiting for. Chosen projects will be supported at three different levels:
– Acceleration Program
– Support in Funding Rounds
– Access to a Mentoring and Hosting Program.

Apply today and start building the future!