Celebrating the International Day of Light 2021 at INL

May 14, 2021


INL invites you to join a free online event in celebration of the International Day of Light (#IDL2021) on May 20 at 17h00-18h30 with the following topics and speakers:

  • Technologies for Light Harvesting (Dr Alessandro Cavalli, MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow)

  • Modelling Light, and Engineering Light-Based Information Communication Technologies and Neuromorphic Computation (MSc Ricardo Adão, PhD candidate/Junior Research Fellow)

  • Photonic Integrated Chips (PICs) for Biosensing (Joana Tatá, Master Candidate)

  • Live Experiments on Tracking Nanoparticles Effects in Live Cells Using Laser-based 3D Phase Holotomographic Imaging (Dr Mariana Carvalho, Facility Manager of the Nanophotonics and Bioimaging (NBI) Open-access Facility of INL).

The inspirational talks will be complemented with a quiz and the event will contain a mini-tutorial on light modelling and real-time live experiments at the INL NBI Facility using the new 3D Cell Explorer from NanoLive.

The event is organised and will be chaired by Dr Jana Nieder ( Research Group Leader and Head of the NBI facility at INL), who will present:

  • INL at a glance

  • How to join INL as an employee, (student) associate or trainee

  • How to access our open-access facilities

The event will include a round table discussion that involves all speakers and we invite especially students interested in internships at INL, externals interested to use our open access facilities to participate, as well as INLers interested in learning about our new photonics methods in the Q&A session to ask for feedback and opportunities to our diverse panel.

Last but not least we will have the pleasure to announce the winner of the quiz.