Electron Microscopy Course 2022 coming your way!

March 25, 2022

The 2022 edition of the Electron Microscopy Course 2022 will happen between 16 and 20 of May and it will present a program focused on developing a basic understanding of the principles, operation, and techniques of scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

This course is presented as an immersive week in an international environment where students and researchers will be able to learn at a top-notch infrastructure while networking with experts in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

For, Enrique Carbo-Argibay currently a Staff Researcher and Electron Microscopy Facility Manager at INL and also part of the Advanced Electron Microscopy training team, this course ”is a great opportunity to learn electron microscopy and spectroscopy from scratch, from the basic principles. We offer the possibility of attending just theoretical sessions, or theoretical and practical sessions. The attendees will have access to cutting-edge instrumentation in electron microscopy during the practical sessions. The training team has extensive experience in electron microscopy and spectroscopy and the fees for the course are really accessible to let every person interested in electron microscopy characterization attend. We want to bring electron microscopy closer to the scientific community (in Academia and Industry) and make it accessible through INL.”

Join an international team of experts, expand your network.