INL joins a €2M project building a sustainable and competitive plan for the nano-fabrication industry

May 5, 2020

INL is a member of SUSNANOFAB, a €2M H2020 project that bridges the missing links in the nano-fabrication ecosystem towards a competitive and sustainable industry.

The international consortium of 13 partners kicked-off the project in March and is committed to delivering an EU-wide Strategic Roadmap on Nanofabrication and developing an Open Access Digital Platform, where users will have access to a network of services, infrastructures and expertise.

At a strategic level, the project will find a common strategy to enable all pre-competitive conditions for successful market uptake of nanofabricated products and solutions. This will be reached using a structured roadmapping methodology and involving external experts in Coordination Groups. At operational and end-users’ level, the project will provide affordable services and easy access point to infrastructures and knowledge to EU stakeholders, and in particular to SMEs. This will be reached using different integrated methodologies such as the organisation of a large set of training and brokerage workshops and services and the development of a Digital Platform, which will perform in an interoperable manner with ongoing platforms and initiatives (e.g. the European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs, the European Material Modelling Council etc.).

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