Raquel Queirós

Staff Researcher
Water Quality  

Raquel Queirós is a staff researcher in the Water Quality Research Group – Life Sciences Department at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. Her main research interests include label-free detection methods for life science applications, new biomimetic materials as molecular recognition probes and engineering solutions for water quality monitoring.

Raquel Queirós holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering (2007) and a Master in Technologies for Environmental Protection (2008) both from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (Portugal). She was a researcher at INESC TEC (former INESC Porto), where she worked on the development optical biosensors for different applications: water monitoring, food safety and control and health. She obtained her PhD in Physics from Universidade do Porto (Portugal) in 2013. Raquel joined INL as a NanoTRAINforGrowth Marie Curie Research Fellow in 2014, where she started working on the development of new nanomaterial-based sensors for water biotoxins monitoring.

Selected Publications