INL partners with the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology 2025 (IYQ), endorsed by the United Nations

June 9, 2024

The United Nations has officially declared 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology (IYQ). This year-long global initiative aims to raise public awareness about the significance of quantum science and its diverse applications. In support of this momentous initiative, the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is also partnering with the United Nations, committing to a leading role in promoting quantum science throughout 2025.

The year 2025 marks the centennial anniversary of the development of quantum mechanics, a foundational milestone that has driven modern technological and scientific advancements. This celebration aims to engage a broad audience in appreciating the profound impact of quantum science on daily life and future innovations.

The IYQ Steering Committee is organizing a series of global initiatives and events designed to educate the public, inspire young scientists, and highlight the contributions of quantum science to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include climate action, clean energy, food security, and clean water.

INL’s Commitment to Quantum Science

As a key partner in the IYQ, INL is dedicated to advancing quantum science and technology through research, innovation, and education.

As we approach 2025, INL and its partners will emphasize the transformative potential of quantum science. By fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of quantum technologies, the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology aims to inspire the next generation of quantum pioneers to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges by hosting and participating in various events and activities aimed at raising awareness and understanding of quantum science’s role in addressing global challenges.

Join the Celebration

Join us in celebrating quantum science and its profound impact on our world. Together, we can explore and embrace the possibilities that quantum science offers for a brighter, more sustainable future.