Nanomedicine: Disruptive Innovations to Beat Cancer

January 24, 2018


INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory will host the Portuguese edition of the Nano World Cancer Day 2018, a worldwide event happening simultaneously in 10 countries across Europe and beyond.

Initiated in 2013, the Nano World Cancer Day is an event organized in the framework of the World Cancer Day. It aims to amplify awareness about Nanomedicine and its ability to introduce new opportunities and game-changers in the fight against cancer.

Organized by the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN-European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine) together with the European Project ENATRANS (Enabling Nanomedicine TRANSlation), the initiative promotes events dedicated to the general public, the press, students, scientists and medical doctors.

In each country, local experts in Nanomedicine (researchers, entrepreneurs, oncologists, clinicians, public authorities, patients…) deliver short speeches about the latest concrete and disruptive innovations in Nanomedicine applied to cancer and answer all questions the audience may have.

It is the 5th year that INL organizes this event and this years’ edition – Nano World Cancer Day 2018 – will offer a chance to discover the revolutions provided by Nanomedicine in cancer management and care under the framework: Disruptive Innovations to beat cancer.

Registration is free of charge but limited to the capacity of INL’s auditorium. Everyone interested in joining this initiative should previously do the registration.

Language of the event: Portuguese and Galician.

Venue: INL Auditorium, February 2, 18h00.


17h30-18h00 – Registration and Coffee.

18h00-19h45 – Conference – Main Auditorium

18h00-18h15 – Lars Montelius, Director General of INL, ETPN representative – Welcome: Nanomedicine at INL and presentation of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) – Sessão de abertura: A nanotecnologia aplicada à saúde no INL; Apresentação da plafatorma europeia de tecnologia em nanomedicina

18h15-18h35 – Luís Soares, Health Cluster Portugal – Nanomedicine & Cancer: from bench to bedside, from patent to patient – Nanomedicina & Cancro: do laboratório ao consultório, da patente ao paciente.

18h35-18h55 – Miguel Borges, OncoStats – More data ≠ better data: Real World Evidence and the Power of Structured Clinical Data in Oncology – Mais dados ≠ melhores dados: Evidência do Mundo real e o poder de dados Clínicos Estruturados em Oncologia

18h55-19h15 – Abi Vázquez, Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) – Tailored biocompatible nanonemulsions to improve the treatment and diagnosis of metastatic cancer – Nanoemulsões biocompatíveis direccionadas para melhorar o tratamento e diagnóstico de cancro metastático (in representation of María de la Fuente)

19h15-19h35 – Lúcio Lara Santos, Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) – Nanomedicine: utility and challenges in daily oncology clinical practice – Nanomedicina: utilidade e desafios na prática clínica em oncologia

19h35-19h45 – Final discussion and closure; Debate e clausura

19h45-20h15 – Private meeting of speakers with the Press; Sessão com a imprensa reservada aos oradores.