New PhD Student Positions

October 10, 2013


The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) is launching 3 PhD student positions. The laboratory provides a high-tech research environment formed by state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies, to address the major challenges in nanofabrication, nanocharacterization and other nanotechnologies applied to environmental & food control, nanomedicine and nanoelectronics.

Successful candidates will work on (1) Microfluidic platforms for circulating cancer tumour cells separation and detection; (2) Synthesis of size-controlled Ag clusters by electrochemical methods: optimization and scaling up. Study of their catalytic and antimicrobian properties and (3) Magnetic Nanoparticles for enhanced contrast in MRI imagiology.

A successful applicant must have a degree that will allow him/her to embark in a PhD programme. The applicant should have a strong enthusiasm for work and excellent communication skills.

Interested applicants should submit, until October 31st 2013, their curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing motivation through INL’s recruitment website at: under the “scholarship” section. More information here.