‘Heart of sky centro do vento’ by Nuno Luz, a new exhibition at the INL Gallery at gnration

June 22, 2021

Until September 18, the INL Gallery at gnration Arts Center in Braga, Portugal, will feature “Heart of sky centro do vento” a media art installation within the INL Scale Travels program, that brings together Arts and Science.

This new exhibition is brought to us by the Portuguese sound artist and publisher Nuno da Luz. Nuno da Luz (Lisbon, 1984) lives and works in Berlin. Artist and publisher, his work circumscribes both aural and visual in the form of events, installations and printed matter; the latter mostly distributed through the publisher atlas Projectos (run together with artists André Romão and Gonçalo Sena) and the record label Palmario Recordings (run together with the artist Joana Escoval). He recently completed the Master Program of Experimentation in Art and Politics at Sciences Po, Paris, and founded coyote, a cross-cutting collective working on print, film, lectures and other experimental forms (together with artists Tristan Bera and Ana Vaz, journalist Elida Høeg and editor Clémence Seurat).

The exhibition “‘Heart of Sky centro do vento’ proposes to trace possible connections between the random rhythms of natural and atmospheric phenomena, and the echoes that make themselves felt or percussion on bodies that vibrate in sympathy with them.

He was inspired by the musical and scientific work of North American drummer Milford Graves, who since the 1970s has been investigating the interaction between percussion, pulse and heartbeat.

This new artistic exhibition proposes itself as a place of conversion and translation of different currents and eddies of energy, and attention to the surroundings; between sound, light, bodily and ritual spectra.

+ until 18 September 2021
+ Artistic installation – INL Gallery
+ Free entrance

+ Scientific Supervision and Partner – INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory | Artistic Direction and Production – gnration.