The 2D Materials and Devices research group (2DMD) focuses on CVD growth, transfer, and device fabrication, using 2D materials, clean-room technology, and Raman imaging for structural characterization. Particular attention is given to biosensing devices, where immuno-assays and DNA sensors based on graphene liquid-gate FETs were developed. The device’s specificity for particular biomarkers is achieved by functionalizing the graphene channel. Attomolar DNA detection based on electrochemical arrays of graphene microsensors is achieved. In the framework of the project NeuralGRAB funded by “La Caixa” Foundation, we are working with the University of Minho Medical School and the Madrid Astrobiology Center to achieve brain activity recording of a panel of neurotransmitters (Dopamine, GABA, Glutamate) with physiological spatiotemporal resolution using multiplexed graphene transistor platforms.

The 2DMD is active in flexible electronics, developing 2D materials-based inks, pastes, and slurries so that inkjet, screen-printing, or spray coating are available to deposit materials from the liquid phase to fabricate flexible devices at low cost. The research applications under development are electromagnetic shielding coatings, membranes for efficient liquid filtration, and energy harvesters based on transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs).

The 2DMD group research activity includes fabricating single-photon emitters from controlled defects in h-BN and graphene and TMD plasmonic devices that operate in the visible or sub-mm wavelength range. These activities collaborate with the INL Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics and the NAPSD groups.

Research Lines:

  • Development of graphene devices for bio-applications
  • Advanced processing of 2D materials for technological applications
  • Flexible, lightweight, and foldable electronics, with graphene-based materials, for energy and environmental applications
  • Cost-effective radio-frequency devices based on graphene
  • Photodetectors for integration with microfluidic platforms for clinical use and quality control of food and water
  • Single-photon emitters for quantum optical technologies



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