Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

The focus of Systems Engineering group is to bring nanotechnology developed at INL into form-factors compatible with applications in the areas of ICT, health, agri-food and environment. The high levels of integration and miniaturization required for such applications can be often achieved via custom-designed microelectronics solutions, in particular CMOS technologies that enable both high-performance and mainstream adoption of the resulting devices. Our mission is to use electronics and microelectronics combined with nanotechnology to solve challenges within the above areas designing and implementing hardware applications that are power, size and cost efficient.

Our aim is to develop complete solutions and systems, either portable or handheld that enable meaningful applications of advanced sensing and actuating technologies in everyday work and life environments. The target level of complexity is integration of these functions into “smart” system-on-chip (SoC) or System-in-Package (SiP) hardware devices.

Engineering topics:

  • Advanced CMOS hybrid devices
  • Smart system integration
  • Ultra low power and autonomous wireless sensor networks



Distributed and federated cross-modality actuation through advanced nanomaterials and neuromorphic learning


META-learning in neurosynaptic nanoscale memristor-LEDs for brain-inspired photonic artificial intelligence


TrustEat - Building a trusty future food system by using blockchain tech


RE-EAT – Ripening recovery strategies in the post-storage of Rocha pear treated with 1-MCP, aimed at different markets

R&W Clean

New solutions for sensing environmental and biological parameters to aid in the demedicalization of the agricultural and livestock sector


PROFITEX - Development of Efficient and Prophylactic Electro Fabrics for the Automotive Industry | Desenvolvimento de tecidos Electro eficientes e Profiláticos para a indústria automóvel


NGQC IoRT - Next-Gen Quality Control IoRT System


(LINK4S)ustainability – A new generation connectivity system for creation and integration of networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms

Frulact - Nanobiosensor

NanoBioSensor – Development of nanosensors for microbiological quality evaluation of fruit-based products


Satélite para aplicações marítimas e comunicações a partir de constelações


Frontiers of technology for theranostics of cancer, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases