Scale Travels: ‘The Invention of Sense’ by Marcel Weber

February 25, 2020


“The Invention of Sense”, the new Scale Travels Artistic Residency will be presented next Saturday, February 29 at 4 pm, at the INL Gallery – gnration. This artistic residency launch is integrated in the “Construction of an Index # 1 event to be held at gnration.

The Index was created in 2019 with the primary goal of joining art, technology and science. This Saturday event brings all these concepts together in two round tables and a free exhibition. At 3 pm, the debate is under the design of art, technology and science. The panel includes the name of Marcel Weber, Jana Nieder and João Ribas. The moderation is in charge of Fernando José Pereira. Later, at around 4:15 pm, the installation by Marcel Weber opens.

Marcel Weber (also known as MFO) is a visual artist and a well-known face among followers of contemporary electronic music. The list of names with whom he collaborated is extensive and qualitatively rich and includes reference names from different areas, from sound to image. That said, it will not be strange if we find the name of Marcel Weber associated with renowned sound artists and musicians such as Ben Frost, Roly Porter, Tim Hecker, Stars of the Lid, Kara-Lis Coverdale or Liz Harris (Grouper).

Throughout the ages, Weber has directed and produced audiovisual performances, stage designs, video works and artistic installations. He is also an integral part of two of the best electronic music and digital art festivals in Europe: the Atonal festival in Berlin, as director of light and visuals, and the Unsound festival in Poland, with whom he collaborates full time.

As an artist, his performances and installations have been featured in the most important digital art festivals, from CTM to Transmediale, both in Berlin, through Mutek, Canada. Outside the festival circuit, countless institutions in Europe, the United States of America and Australia have received some of his work.

Marcel Weber’s work differs. Striving for a very well-defined and distinctive aesthetic, he uses the image and atmospheric light to resonate and form a cohesive relationship with sound. In his performance work, he is concerned with the issues of memory, perception and the formation and dissolution of identity.

The result you get is broad and well achieved, and you will be able to experience different layers, communicated by dynamic images that originate a cosmos made of photographs, textures, distortions and the magical sensation of surreal moments, stimulating the subconscious.

From 29 February to 6 June 2020 | FREE | INL Gallery @gnration