Sci-Fi Miners exhibition in South Korea

June 17, 2019

Sci-Fi Miners an artistic exploration of how, with the help of scientific advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, critical catalyst materials will be replaced by their synthetic equivalent, with earth-abundant materials designed by João Martinho Moura in the framework of STARTS Residencies program as part of the STARTS initiative, based on the technological elements of the CritCat Project is in exhibition in South Korea – Art Center Nabi, Seoul until July 19’ 2019.

This work consists of successive experimental progress, beginning with the seriousness of the Earth’s present environment condition, recognition of issues on rare natural resources’ preservation, to the necessity of discovery of alternative materials with the help of Nanotechnology. Using visual software such as an advanced electronic microscope, the artist shows the reproduction process from extracting the particle in visual material of various size, shape, and structure, to the data and images in artistic achievement. Especially virtual reality work helps the audience with better visual understanding and recognition of the given issues and leads them to the practical way to solve them. This exhibition will hopefully awaken the global environmental issue and bring great opportunities to numerous scenarios of future Earth while encountering the Sci-Fi Miners, a world of Nanotechnology.