SEALAB showcases project progress in Vigo

September 13, 2019


The Second Day of Dissemination of Sealab Project will take place from 10h45 am on September 18th at CETMAR facilities in Bouzas-Vigo.

This event will discuss the progress made in the project whose main objective is the creation of a new automated water quality control service based on the development and integration of a portable laboratory onboard an unmanned surface vehicle and easy deployment The laboratory will incorporate new sensors based on the use of Essential Facilitating Technologies (Lab-on-a-chip) for the determination of some priority substances (Directive 2013/39 / EU and RD 817/2015), measurement of physical-chemical parameters and Automated sampling and management. Besides, a mission management system will be developed that will facilitate the centralization of information and decision making for end users.

In this dissemination day, the partners of the InDrops Laboratory project (consortium leader), Industrias FERRI and IMATIA INNOVATION will participate. Furthermore, Raquel Queirós from INL (Water Quality research group) will explain their project “Nanosensors for priority substancies”.

There will also be the presence of expert personnel from the SPANISH OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE (IEO) who will tell us about the Importance of the control of the environmental quality of water concerning priority substances.

This project is funded by the 2018 Conecta PEME call of the Galician Innovation Axencia (GAIN) co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund “A way to make Europe”.


The assistance is free until capacity is filled by order of registration via the web in the following link: