TITAN will demonstrate the latest transparency-related solutions at FOOD 4 FUTURE World Summit

May 16, 2023

TITAN project will be actively present at the Food4Future World Summit which will take place from 16 – 18 May in Bilbao, Spain.  12 partners of TITAN have joined forces to present their latest innovations and to interact with key stakeholders at the F4F Summit – ILSI Europe (BEL), EFFoST (NL), AZTI (ESP), INL (POR), TUD (NL), WUR (NL), Agricolus (ITA), Agri MarketPLace (POR), Consentio (ESP), AI Talentum (ESP), QualityChain (ITA), TotalCtrl (NOR).

The SMEs in TITAN will show how their tools can support companies of any size to stand by their health and sustainability commitments via leveraging innovative technology for promoting the much-requested ingredient transparency and traceability and making the food supply chain more efficient.

TITAN – Transparency Solutions for Transforming the Food Systems project unique consortium comprises 27 partners and comprises a mix of technology providers and research centres linked to agri-food actors and businesses through an interactive co-creation approach, from which the Food Quality and Safety Research Group from INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory participates.

The objective of TITAN is to provide an extensive platform for the development of a wide range of innovations that aid transparency and address key challenges identified in the European Green Deal and, at the same, showcase 21 innovations covering these themes. By bringing together business strategy, the latest technology innovations, policy and the consumer, TITAN will provide the blueprint for a demand-driven economy that provides healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for its citizens.

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