INL engages the next generation with “Researchers at Schools” initiative

May 29, 2024

In an ongoing effort to bridge the gap between nanotechnology research and the younger generation, INL is actively participating in the European Commission’s flagship initiative, “Researchers at Schools“.

This initiative is designed to promote direct interaction between researchers and students, encouraging a deeper understanding of science, nanotechnology, and research activities among young minds.

Last Friday marked a significant day for the “Researchers at Schools” program, with INL researchers visiting various educational institutions to engage with students and teachers, kick-starting the project SCIGLO – European Researchers’ Night.

Raquel Queirós visited a primary school in Maia, where she interacted with a lively class of 26 students. The session aimed to introduce the basics of science and nanotechnology, sparking curiosity and excitement among the young learners. Miguel Cerqueira headed to Ponte da Barca, addressing 64 secondary school students from the 11th and 12th grades at Agrupamento de Escolas de Ponte da Barca. The discussions focused on advanced research topics, the impact of scientific discoveries on society, and potential career paths in the field of nanotechnology.

Centro de Ciência Viva Guimarães invited Catarina Moura and Mariam Debs to lead a science communication workshop for school teachers. This event was part of the Picto_Ciência III at the Feira Internacional Curtir Ciência. The workshop aimed to equip teachers with effective communication strategies to inspire their students about the wonders of science and research, and to develop innovative science school projects.

INL’s involvement in “Researchers at Schools” highlights its commitment to broadening access to scientific knowledge and fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation among the younger generation. These outreach activities not only raise awareness about INL’s research but also provide researchers with valuable opportunities to connect with the community.

By engaging with students of all ages, as well as with educators, INL is helping to cultivate a new generation of informed individuals who are aware of the critical role that research and technology play in shaping our future.

The European Researchers’ Night 2024 will take place in Braga, on the 27th September, the last Friday of the month, under the theme SCIGLO – Science for Global Challenges. More information will be made available soon.

Text by Catarina Moura, Science Communication Officer