Mission NERD visits Braga Hospital

September 8, 2022

Mission NERD is, once again, out of the laboratory. The first initiative after the pandemic occurred last week at the Braga Hospital. Researchers from INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory visited the Pediatrics Service and the External Consultation Services the purpose of this unique visit was to showcase the world of science and the work developed by our Researchers is not as complicated as it seems.

Visitors and family members were able to experience various activities, such as drilling a balloon without popping it, making the hair stay standing, measuring the height in nanometers or even dressing like a nanoscientist. Humanizing knowledge, facilitating the understanding of science, and decoding some concepts of science through simple activities using everyday materials were the main goals of this visit.

“Mission NERD finally returned to on-site activities! Talking about the importance of the invisible things was never so timely, and an excellent opportunity to explore the nanoworld! Making this return with children had a special meaning because they are incredibly curious, and handle the question “why?” very easily! I believe, being pioneers of using science as a tool to talk about social values is very challenging, but for sure very much rewarding!”, says Elisabete Fernandes, Leader of the Volunteering Project Mission.

Mission NERD aims to decode science to society in a whole new way, create unique experiences, stimulate creativity, enable dialogue and spread scientific knowledge to the community. Our volunteers are committed scientists working at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory that want to inspire and re-connect people of different realities by using a common ground – the spirit of sharing. Our mission is for all people of all ages! The only request: allow your curious nature to lead the way!