Atomic Structure-Composition of Materials

Atomic Structure-Composition of Materials

The Atomic Structure-Composition of Materials group focuses on the study of the atomic structure, atomic composition and defect behaviour of nanomaterials through in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM), aberration-corrected TEM/STEM, precession electron diffraction and EELS/EDS techniques. In particular, the group is interested in understanding the relationships between the atomic structure, composition and properties of nanomaterials and the fundamental underlying mechanisms of structural and property changes induced by crystalline defects. The material systems of interest include battery materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, catalyst nanoparticles and 2D materials.

Research lines:

  • Mapping the atomic structure and composition of battery materials by advanced electron microscopy
  • Understanding the degradation of nanocatalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells by combining identical location TEM with 3D tomography
  • Monitoring the influence of atomic defects in 2D nanomaterials by diffraction phase contrast
  • Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of flash sintering in semiconductor oxides



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