INL organizes the International Conference ‘TOTAL-NANOSAFE: From Molecules to Public Health’

October 12, 2021

INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory is organizing the International Conference between 11-12 of November of 2021. The ‘Total-Nanosafe’ Hybrid Conference is bringing experts in different fields related to the use of nanomaterials, nanotechnology and how these are related to different aspects of safety, regarding health and environment.

We will have experts talking about nanotoxicology, organ-on-a-chip, cheminformatics, public health and environment.

With this conference we aim to get a broad overview of the state of the art in the different aspects of nanosafety, to increase the interactions among the community of experts, providing the chance of sharing new ideas and generating new collaborations.

This event will have a hybrid format and can be attended either online or in-person at the International Iberian Institute of Nanotechnology (INL), in Braga, Portugal. 

The event is open to students, research personal and academia as well as industry, governmental agencies, and other relevant organisations interested in nanotechnology, hazard and risk assessment of nanomaterials and advanced materials, alternate methods for nanomaterial hazard testing, release and exposure, safe-by-design (SbD) of nanomaterials and advanced materials and other areas of interest.

Also, you can submit your abstract to the event TOTAL – NANOSAFE: From Molecules to Public Health until October 26th and take an active part in this International Conference. We are accepting the poster submission on the following topics: nanomaterials toxicity, cells and organs on-chip, cheminformatics and in silico tools and epigenetics.

Check the full programme by clicking here.