INL Researchers take the world of Nano to “Pint of Science 2021”

May 14, 2021

Researchers from INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory will be appearing at the world’s largest festival of public science that each year brings researchers to local pubs to share their discoveries with you. This years’ edition will be back next week, 17th-19th May 2021.

The Festival will take place online, and INL researchers will be delivering fun and engaging talks full of scientific discovery and you can enjoy it all from the safety of your sofa, for free. INL will be represented by Catarina Moura, Ernesto Galvão, Sara Abalde-Cela as speakers, and Miguel Xavier as part of the organization.

Catarina Moura will guide us through “a fascinating world beyond what we can see”, adding that “microscopes allow us to travel to new dimensions and discover the wonders of microorganisms, cells, and many others. In this session, I will talk about microscopy and imaging, and their importance for our understanding of nature and human health and well-being. See you at the Pint of Science!”

As for Ernesto Galvão, he considers that “in the past two decades we have been learning how to use quantum effects like superposition and entanglement to build a new type of computer: quantum computers. These new machines are capable of taking computational shortcuts to solve problems that are intractable for ordinary computers. I will describe how they work, and give an overview of the exciting developments in this field.”

Sara-Abalde-Cela will show us that “just as siblings born from the same parents are different, so are the cells of a tumour, constantly changing over time. These cells are responsible for cancer being a fatal disease. How does cancer spread through the human body? What tools do we have to understand and stop colonization in different organs by these cells?”

Miguel Xavier reminds us that “as first said by Sir Mark Walport in 2013: “Science is not finished until it’s communicated” underlining that “Pint of Science is the perfect example of a science communication event that brings the latest science breakthroughs closer to the masses! Perhaps all I have to say is that I attended my first Pint of Science event in 2015 and haven’t stopped being involved ever since! See you at the Pub!”

All events are free, in Portuguese, and will be streamed through the official Pint of Science – Braga Facebook page. You can find more information by clicking here.

The International Pint of Science festival will see thousands of scientists simultaneously bringing their research out of the lab to share with the public in 30 different countries. Founded in 2013 by two UK researchers, the festival features a unique line-up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments.